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Clare Siobhan Quiz: How Much Do You Know?

You'll have to be a Clare SIobhan superfan to get 100% on this quiz! Answer these questions and find out how you stack up!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  May 15th 2022

Do you subscribe to this epic gaming Youtube channel? If you do you'll know what she's all about - and if you don't, you'll need to be pretty lucky to get all these questions right! Ready to find out how much you know about her? Of course you are!

Let's go, then!

@clarecallery | instagram

What game does Clare play most?

2/10 Fruit Jokes

What fruit do you think of when you think of Clare?


Who is Clare's favourite Sim?

@claresiobhan | youtube

What house has a graveyard?

@alia | instagram

Clare's husband is also a Youtuber. Who is he?

BTS.bighitofficial | instagram

Clare is a big fan of which one of these bands?

@claresiobhan | youtube

What's the name of her dog?

@claresiobhan | youtube

Where does the Sims version of Clare live?

9/10 A slice of pizza in a beautiful mountain setting

Where is Clare from?

@clarecallery | instagram

Which of these things does Clare NOT do?

@clarecallery | instagram

Oh no! Bah! Too bad! Looks like you need to brush up on your Clare Siobhan skills! Never mind. Better luck next quiz, eh?

@clarecallery | instagram

Pretty good! Clare *seems* impressed with this score... although you did miss out on a few correct answers! Can you work out where you went wrong? Maybe you can beat this score on another quiz?

@clarecallery | instagram

Very good! You know loads about Clare! You must be a subscriber, right? SHame you just missed out on full marks thogh - fancy trying another Youtuber quiz and seeing if you can get 100%?

@clarecallery | instagram

Perfect score! You nailed this quiz! Is there anything about Clare Siobhan you DON'T know? If there is - we don't want to hear it! Want to get full marks on another Youtuber quiz? We've got loads to choose from!