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My turn, I make this look easy, tick tick boom like gasoline-y, yeah they call me...

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I deleted all your pics, then blocked your number from my...

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Nothing else matters like us and nothing else matters like...

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Lightning strikes twice and it burns like...

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Baby, I love...


Ladies all across the world, listen up, we're looking for...

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Yeah, you got a lot of time to act your age, you can't write a book from a single...

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Don't matter if I fall from the sky, these wings are made to...

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Throw away the books and the magazines, I'm never gonna look like a...

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There's nobody like you, nobody like you, I've tried goodbye a hundred times, not one of them...

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We'll always be together, don't you worry, don't you worry, I'll always be by your...

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So long, baby, I'm gone, you can leave a message for me after the...

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