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Could These Toys Be More Fantastic Than Fidget Spinners?

Cute cats? Magnetic balls? Or just an egg that pukes? If you want to make class more fun, these are the toys you need!

Remember fidget spinners? They were so cool, right?

Well, they were, but now there’s some new toys on the block and they look seriously fidgety!

You can get your hands (and fingers) on some sweet and squeezey Mochi squishies. Or if you think that’s too soft, then a how about a pencil topper? They’re perfect to play with in class (especially if you don’t want to get in trouble with teacher!).

And if you just want to pretend you’re still at home playing Fortnite, than it’s the fidget pad you want. 

But want even more fabulously fidgety ideas? Check out the video!