Crack the Code!

Crack the Code

No mission is impossible! Crack the code and win a Beano prank!

200 lucky winners will receive a mystery gift from the Beano prank range so you can get tricking your family and mates with our infamous sticky tomato splatter, the electrifying handshake buzzer or the less-than-clean dirty soap.

To take part, you need to uncover our secret message. See all the clues below. Write down each secret letter to work out the secret code.

To enter the competition, please get a parent or carer to send us your response via email at by 26/02/2017.

200 winners will be chosen at random from all correct entries after the closing date. Good luck!

(Terms and conditions apply)

Clue 1

Beano Crack the Code - Day 1 Clue

She loves a Carpool move and she's the first person on this list. What's the first letter of her name? 

Clue 2

Who is Beano's adventurous chicken? What's the last letter of his name?

Clue 3

Crack the Code

What letter is at the top of our YouTube channel header?

Clue 4

Beano Crack the Code

Before Bananaman eats a banana, he's a 9-year-old boy. What's the 1st letter of his name? 

Clue 5

Beano Crack the Code

What did Dennis put with a pen and a pineapple to make this cool music video? Write down the 1st letter.

Clue 6

Crack the Code

What type of chips can you prank your friends with? Write down the 1st letter.

Clue 7

Join the dots in this drawing. What is it? Write down the first letter.

Clue 8

Crack the Code

I am not a letter. I'm a character and I'm used at the end of sentences as an exclamation. Who am I?!

Terms and Conditions

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