Crack the Code!

Crack the Code

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Clue 1

Beano Crack the Code - Day 1 Clue

She loves a Carpool move and she's the first person on this list. What's the first letter of her name? 

Clue 2

Who is Beano's adventurous chicken? What's the last letter of his name?

Clue 3

Crack the Code

What letter is at the top of our YouTube channel header?

Clue 4

Beano Crack the Code

Before Bananaman eats a banana, he's a 9-year-old boy. What's the 1st letter of his name? 

Clue 5

Beano Crack the Code

What did Dennis put with a pen and a pineapple to make this cool music video? Write down the 1st letter.

Clue 6

Crack the Code

What type of chips can you prank your friends with? Write down the 1st letter.

Clue 7

Join the dots in this drawing. What is it? Write down the first letter.

Clue 8

Crack the Code

I am not a letter. I'm a character and I'm used at the end of sentences as an exclamation. Who am I?!

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