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DanTDM’s Pugs Undercover

DanTDM's Pugs, Ellie and Darcy, are masters of disguise! Here are some of the best times they've gone in-DOG-nito.

Beano Team
Last Updated:  October 28th 2016

Unicorn Pug

Dan looks so excited to be posing with a REAL LIFE UNICORN. He's going to get a shock when it turns out to be just Darcie in disguise.


Perfect for going unnoticed amongst Pokemon Go! players

Hipster Pug

Blending in with all the cool kids

Harry Pugger

For going undercover at Hogwarts...or should that be Dogwarts?

England Player

Probably need to be a bit more active though, Ellie!


Pug Life

Incredible Pug

It's all in the heroic expression

Ultimate camouflage

What an absolute pro!Next what does DanTDM stand for?