Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed: The Ultimate Walter Quiz!

How much much do you know about Dennis's arch enemy?

Let's see how many points you can score!

In episode 3, 'Dinmaker Diva', why does Walter say he gets special food?

How does Walter introduce himself at the competition later on?

In Walter’s Battle of the Bands performance, what does he sing about?

In episode 5, 'Escape from Azkabash', what happens at the end of the Beanotown Brawny Bean Race?

In episode 6, 'Griller Thriller', how does Dennis find Walter on the bridge?

In episode 8, 'Night of the Living Veg', how does Dennis catch Walter cheating?

In episode 10, 'Prank Wars', why does Walter stop the band playing?

Later on, what's the very first prank pulled by Walter?

What does Walter get when he wins the Prankipedia?

In episode 14, 'Are We There Yeti?', what does Walter say he hates the smell of?

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