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Design a Squelchy Thing and We’ll Tell You How Unlucky You Are

Pick from these little squelchy things, and we'll tell you how unlucky you are!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Pick a Squelchy and we'll tell you how unlucky you are!


1/6 Scottish Squelchy or Stuck Up Squelchy?


2/6 Big Headed or Big Boned?


3/6 Small or Tall?


4/6 Vampire or Victim?


5/6 Smelly breath or smelly bum?


6/6 This hat or that hat?

Very very very unlucky

Very Unlucky!

Oh dear. You need a blanket made of clovers and rabbits feet to make it through the night without something going wrong.

A little unlucky

A little Unlucky

Are you clumsy, covered in bruises, or constantly having anvils fall on your head? You just might be a little unlucky!


Neither lucky nor unlucky!

Wow. Unlike most people that Calamity James meets, you appear to be completely normal. How abnormal!


Wow! You're lucky!