Dennis and Gnasher Unleashed! Personality Quiz: What's Your Ultimate Den?

What kind of den suits you best?

Answer these questions to find out the style of your ultimate den!

What do you want the inside of your den to look like?

Inside an epic den!

How big is your den?

Super size? or small and cosy?

Which of these sports features would you want in your den?

Choose: your football or your board!

Pick a water feature!

A simple splash or a super soaking?

Pick a nice bit of cutting-edge tech to install:

Beep boop bop, crash bang pop!

Where do you want to snooze?

You snooze you lose!

What wheels are you going to keep handy?

Which wheels do you want?

Now for something creative! Which of these do you want?

Get creative and colourful!

How do you want it to look on the outside?

Ouside the den

Who will hang out there the most?

Pick your friends
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