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Dogs, in Bags, on Trains!

A law passed in New York said dogs were only allowed on trains if they could fit into bags... with awesome results!

Beano Team
Last Updated:ย  June 20th 2017

This dog doesn't look used to being in a rucksack...

Twitter | meanboysclub

And this one seems outright distrustful of this shopping bag!

Twitter | meanboysclub

This beagle has taken to it like a duck to water though!

Twitter | meanboysclub

Hmm. Not sure about the IKEA bag approach!

Twitter | meanboysclub

It's got to be fun for a dog to be so high up! They'll get a whole new perspective on things!

Twitter | BigHonkk

This hairy guy looks like he's been chilling in bags for years!

Instagram | hansyandbrush

So does this one. Look how impossibly calm his front legs look!

Twitter | Jen_McCoy

It looks like pretty much all the dogs in the city have got used to travelling in bags...

Twitter | JeanHenriCoene

Except this dog who looks CONFUSED!

Twitter | meanboysclub