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16 Dumbledore Facts That Are Out of This Wizarding World!

Check out these 16 epic facts about Dumbledore, the coolest wizard in the Harry Potter Universe! We've found all the best facts about Dumbledore and his awesome life!

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:  April 1st 2022

How much do you know about Hogwarts' best and coolest headmaster, Professor Dumbledore? He's over one hundred years old, so he's had a lot of time to pack some crazy things into his incredible life! From mentoring Harry to his muggle hobbies and the origins of his strange name, here are 16 facts all about Dumbledore. Be warned! There might be some spoilers ahead if you haven't completed the Harry Potter series! If you liked these, we've got more Harry Potter facts here! Or why not test your Harry Potter knowledge with this fun quiz? And if you think you know Ginny Weasley, test yourself with this trivia quiz!

1. His Name Means 'Bumblebee'

'Dumbledore' is middle English (an old form of English) for 'bumblebee', while 'Albus' means white, perhaps a reference to his long white beard! As well as this, his siblings also have 'A' names - Aberforth, Ariana and (possibly) Aurelius!

2. He's Been Played by Four Different Actors

In total, 4 different actors have portrayed Dumbledore so far! Richard Harris played him for the first two films, and after his death, Michael Gambon took over. Tony Regbo played teen Dumbledore in flashbacks, and Jude Law plays him in the Fantastic Beasts films!

3. He's Over 100 Years Old

According to the books, Dumbledore is over 100 years old at the time of his death, having been born in 1881! Wizards seem to live longer than muggles, as there are lots of other super old characters in the series, not to mention alchemist Nicholas Flamel, who was over 600 in the first book!

4. He Was One of The Most Brilliant Wizards Who Ever Lived

As well as being headmaster of Hogwarts, Dumbledore had lots of other talents, including being able to speak other languages like Mermish, inventing things like the Deluminator, and being an alchemist!

5. He Loves Sweets

In his first appearance in The Philosopher's Stone, he's seen offering Professor McGonagall a sherbet lemon, and later it's also revealed to be the password for his office.

6. Sir Ian McKellen Nearly Played Him

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey | Warner Bros. New Line Cinema, MGM, WingNut Films | Warner Bros. | Peter Jackson | Peter Jackson, Fran Welsh

After Richard Harris passed away, Ian McKellen was approached to play Dumbledore (Before Michael Gambon was cast) but ultimately turned it down. He'd already played Gandalf, so maybe playing another wizard would have been a bit dull!

7. His Patronus Was A Phoenix

Dumbledore's Patronus was a phoenix, a mythical bird that is supposed to be reborn again from the ashes of a fire. He also had a pet Phoenix named Fawkes, who lived in his office and helped Harry in The Chamber of Secrets. The Phoenix is a symbol of new beginnings, rebirth and immortality.

8. He and Harry Share Many Traits

Like Dumbledore, Harry is a half-blood wizard, a Gryffindor and a brilliant wizard who faced a dark and powerful enemy. They also both shared tragic family backgrounds, which might explain why Dumbledore felt protective of Harry.

9. He Was The Only Wizard Who Owned All Three Hallows

Dumbledore was the only wizard who ever united the Hallows - he owned the wand, the cloak and the ring during the first book, although he gave the cloak to Harry shortly after they met. It seems that Dumbledore was one of the few wizards who understood that owning all three could only be a bad thing, and lead to destruction.

10. He Was Inspired By Merlin

Dumbledore's appearance and role was inspired by the classic British legend of Merlin, wizard and mentor to King Arthur. Like Merlin, he is a wise old wizard with a flowing white beard, and like Merlin, his role is to guide and teach a younger man who is destined to save the day.

11. Evanna Lynch Has A Cat Named Dumbledore

Evanna Lynch, who plays Luna Lovegood, has named her cats after characters from Harry Potter, and one is named after Dumbledore! We assume it's white and fluffy!

12. He Likes Muggle Things

Dumbledore seems to enjoy lots of aspects of Muggle culture. The books mention him liking Muggle sweets, bowling and chamber music. He also likes knitting patterns, and has a scar on his leg that he claims is a map of the London Underground!

13. His Full Name Might Represent The British Isles

Dumbledore's full name - Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore might symbolise Britain and Ireland - 'Albus' sounds a bit like 'Alba', the Scottish Gaelic word for Scotland, Percival could reference the Welsh legend of Sir Percival of the Round Table, Wulfric is an old Anglo-Saxon name, and 'Brian' could refer to the Irish King 'Boru'. A bit of a stretch? Maybe, but a cool idea!

14. He Lies About What He Sees in the Mirror of Erised

In the first book, Dumbledore tells Harry that when he looks in the mirror (Which shows your true desires) he sees himself with some socks, as he's always running out. However, what he actually saw, like Harry, was his family, together and alive again.

15. Everyone Wanted Him For Minister For Magic

Dumbledore was invited on multiple occasions to become the Minister for Magic (The wizard version of a prime minister) but always declined, saying he would prefer to teach at Hogwarts. A wise choice!

16. Harry Named his Son After Dumbledore

In the epilogue for the last book, it's revealed that Harry named his son 'Albus', after Dumbledore, showing just how much Dumbledore meant to him. Aw! Pass the tissues!