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Easy F1 Quiz: Finish in Pole Position!

You’re under starters orders but can you finish this F1 Sports Trivia Quiz in pole position?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  August 8th 2022

You don’t want to be the backmarker or get lapped, so you’ll need to oil up your brain engine and prepare yourself for a series of F1 questions that will come at you faster and harder than the corners in the Monaco Grand Prix! See if you can take the racing line and finish in pole position in our Easy F1 Quiz! Red light… Green light… STEP ON IT!


What is raced in F1?

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Which one of these teams aren’t in F1?


What colour is the checkered flag?

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4/10 What colour are Ferraris?


Who won the 2021 F1 Driver’s Championship?


Which Brit won the Driver’s Championship in 2020?

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7/10 Where do Ferraris come from?


What make of car won the Constructors Championship in 2021?


9/10 Which of these cities closes down to race F1 on it’s streets?


What are “the pits?”

You’ve come off at the chicane! What were you thinking? You’ll need to get some help for your second lap! Have another go!

Not bad but you’re nearly being lapped by a faster car. Have another go to see if you can move up the field!

Great driving. You’re on the last lap but in 2nd place. Try the quiz again to overtake the lead car!

First place. Time to shake up a bottle of lemonade and spray it all over your friends! Then get ready for one of our harder F1 quizzes!