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Euro20 Penalty Quiz!

Do you have the steely nerve to take England to glory in the Euro 20 finalists – via the dreaded penalty shoot-out?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

It's the Euro 20 final and after 120 nail-biting minutes, it remains a 1-1 draw between the England football team and the other finalists. There's only one way to decide the match – a penalty shoot-out!

Due to new rules, neither team will know if they've won until the final penalty has been taken, which, we're all sure you'll agree, will make for the most exciting finish to any game ever!

So, take your penalties and believe in the power of European international football. Good luck!

1/12 Rashford

Marcus Rashford, you're up first. Where will you place the ball?


Pickford. They don't call you Goalie Gloves for nothing, so go do what you do best!

3/12 Foden

Well, if it isn't Phil Foden with his fancy new hairstyle. Will it bring you luck when it comes to hammering a penalty home?


You've truly kept your eye on the ball during this tournament, Pickford. Can you guess which way the next shot will go?


Tyrone Mings, it's time to raise the score by one goal. Ready?


That's a sweaty forehead, Pickford. You'll be fine. Left or right?


Jack Grealish. Make the goal eat a bowl of football pudding!


Pickford, this is the last thing you want to happen... So, don't mess this up!


Raheem Sterling. There's only one thing to do, so put your laces through it, son!


Pickford, how will you stop it this time? And is having a robotic third arm allowed at this level of professional football?


Harry Kane, it's your turn now. Do you have what it takes to score a vital goal? Boot it in for England!


Pickford. Your nerves must be in tatters. Which way will you dive to win the game?


Yes! We knew you could do it! Well done for finally bringing football home!

Oh dear!

You tried really hard but glory just was not to be. Maybe have another go – the other team might have thought those penalties were just for practice!