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Everything We Know About Doctor Who from the Trailer!

We've pieced together what we know about the new Doctor Who series from the trailer, like time travel detectives!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

We meet the new Doctor!

The first part of the trailer introduces us to new Doctor, Jodie Whittaker, who sits bolt upright and appears to have had a bad dream.She says: "All of this is new to me!"It must be! You looked like Peter Capaldi, the last time we looked!


The new cast

We're also treated to a glimpse of her new companions!There's actor Tosin Cole, who plays Ryan. Then there's Bradley Walsh – who you may have seen hosting the afternoon quiz show The Chase – who plays GrahamAnd Mandip Gill completes the team as Yasmin...


Where are they?

The Doctor's voice-over suggests they're on a new desert planet and then there's a scene of the team running through a small town!It could be Margate, if you squint – but we doubt it


We're not even sure the Doctor and her new companions really know each other yet!

“If I asked really nicely, would you be my new best friends?” says the Doctor while the trailer's excitement unfoldsPerhaps they've all been brought together by fate in order to save the world – we're sure they'll get to know each other really well once they've fought the powers of evil

It looks action-packed!

The new Doctor and her companions look like they're going to be kept busy in the new series as they face all sorts of danger!


The final scene suggests that Doctor Who is going to be anything but dull!

In the very last part of the trailer, the Doctor says, "Right! This is going to be fun!" before pulling a curtain closedWith a new cast, new planets to explore and tons of action, the new Doctor Who already looks amazing! We can't wait!