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Kingdom Hearts 3: Everything We Know…

A game with Micky Mouse, Monsters Inc and Toy Story all in one place? Yes please!

If you’re a big Disney fan, you’re going to love Kingdom Hearts 3.

Imagine you could get Micky Mouse, Buzz Lightyear and Sully from Monsters Inc all in one place?

Sounds good, right?

Luckily for you, Kingdom Hearts gives you the chance to do just that.

It’s basically a huge story based around Disney worlds crossing over and puts you at the heart of the action as Sora, a little guy with a big heart.

And Sora is joined by two Disney faves as Donald Duck and Goofy are along for the ride.

Not only that, but Kingdom Hearts 3 allows you too travel to a whole load of cool Disney worlds, such as Tangled and Toy Story, so what’s not to like?

So if you want to take a closer look at this great game, check out the video and see which world you want to visit…

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