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Everything You Need To Know About Emojis!

Here's everything you need to know about the best thing since the invention of words

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:  August 14th 2017

Emojis have been around for absolutely ages!

Most people think that the humble emoji is a recent invention, but we can reveal that they've been around since the dinosaurs walked the earth

Emojis are also delicious!

YouTuber CarlyToffle has shared her recipe for these awesome emoji biscuitsWhat's the emoticon for crying tears of joy because you love biscuits so much? Here it is.

YouTube | CarlyToffle

Some celebrities look like emojis, too!

Some emojis look like Liam Payne, Ariana Grande and President Donald Trump? We can't tell some of them apart.

The Rock and his emoji lookalike

Thanks to an invention, we can turn any celebrity into an emoji

Beano's very own Emoji-nator 5000 can transformer any star into an emoticon. Watch the magic happen here

Beano | Emoji-nator 5000

Which emoji are you?

Ever wondered which emoji you're most likely to be? Take our highly scientific quiz and find out!