Everything You Need To Know About FIFA 18!

Here's 5 reasons why we can't wait to play FIFA 18 later this year

Cristiano Ronaldo will be this year's cover star!

The Real Madrid striker will be the face of FIFA 18. Here are 6 facts you might not know about the Portuguese football legend.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Image by EA Sports

You can now play alongside football's biggest icons!

This edition sees the exciting addition of FUT Icons Stories, so you can play alongside some of the greatest players the world has ever seen. Fancy a kick about with the likes Pelé, Thierry Henry and Diego Maradona? No problem! 

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FIFA 18 sees the return of Alex Hunter!

The hero of the Journey mode Alex Hunter continues his career in FIFA 18 – but this time, he could become a star of the European leagues like Spain's La Liga, France's Ligue One or the German Bundesliga. 

Best buy some language books so you can shout 'pass' in different languages.

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You'll be able to play FIFA 18 anywhere you like!

The latest edition of FIFA 18 will be available for the Nintendo Switch, so you can play the game anytime, anywhere you like. But not during school lessons, obviously – unless they start a FIFA subject next term.

FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch
Image by EA Sports

You can play the game before it's released!

FIFA 18 will be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, PS3 and Xbox 360 on 29 September – but a demo version will be available 2 weeks earlier! 

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