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Everything You Need to Know About Frozen โ€“ The Musical!

Some photos of Frozen: The Broadway Musical (coming soon) have appeared... but someone is missing...

Beano Team
Last Updated:ย  September 19th 2017

Mostly we're excited to see what the stage version of Olaf's gonna look like!

Jumbled up Olaf

Well, there's Elsa getting her crown for starters

Elsa getting crowned

Okay, cool...but what about Olaf?

Olaf looking in a puddle

Ana and Hans look pretty magical

Ana and Hans dancing

Can't wait to see how magical Olaf looks

Olaf and a seagull dancing

Kristoff and Sven seem chill

Sven's reindeer costume looks particularly epic!

But where's Olaf's impressive costume, eh?

melting Olaf

Who are these snowy folks?

Snow people

Can't seem to spot Olaf in there! ๐Ÿ™

Olaf telescoping with an icicle

That's just Ana and Kristoff again!!

Ana and Kristoff on a COOL bridge

Is that it?!? BUT WHERE'S OLAAAF??!!!?


Maybe this is a job for DOUG THE PUG!!

That's Snow Business!

Doug the pug dressed as a snowman