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Everything You Need to Know About Terraria!

It's like a mash-up of Minecraft and Metroid! Here's everything you need to know about this epic game!

1. It’s been around since 2011

That’s 7 years of digging, fighting and exploring fun!


2. It’s sold over 20 MILLION copies!

That’s twice as many as the population of Greece!


3. Terraria 2 was first announced in 2013

It hasn’t shown up yet!


4. But a spin-off game has been cancelled

Terraria 2: Otherworld was cancelled this year. Boo!


5. Originally, you could fight THE MOON!

The moon was planned to be a boss, but it got changed twice


6. There are loads of references in the game

One of the names for the Dryad is ‘Celestia’, like the My Little Pony character


7. The game’s creator LOVES The Legend Of Zelda

Andrew Spinks put tons of Zelda items and costumes into Terraria to show his love!What’s your favourite fact?


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