Everything You Need to Know about The Ingham Family!

The Ingham Family are one of the most famous British families on YouTube. Want to know more? Read on!

12 March 2018

Who are this lot, then?

The Inghams are a family from England. Chris and Sarah have 3 children: Isabelle, Esmé and Isla!

They post daily vlogs about their lives on YouTube and have a lot of fun

The Ingham Family
Image by The Ingham Family | Youtube

When did they start making YouTube videos?

They started documenting their lives online on 21 December 2015 and their first video was about mum Sarah's surprise birthday weekend in London 

Ingham Family post daily blogs and have lots of social media accounts
Image by InghamFamily | Twitter

Do they have their own channels too?

Yes! In addition to their daily blog, there's an #IFAM extras channel, while dad Chris and daughter Isabelle post their own videos too – there's so much to see!

Isabelle Ingham likes pizza
Image by inghamfamily | Instagram

How many subscribers do they have?

At the last count, the family had 912,000 fans and look set to break the million mark this year!

They've got some dedicated #IFAM fans!

Ingham Family fan Gemma Garland with her #ifam tattoo
Image by ifamforever1992 | Twitter

Do they have any pets?

The Inghams have a cute dog called Prinnie Woo, who joined the family in May 2016

Prinnie Woo, the Ingham family's dog
Image by Giphy

What sort of videos do they post?

Anything and everything! There's daily vlogs, life tips and their most recent videos included clips from their epic holiday to New York City

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The Ingham Family went to New York City
Image by inghamfamily | Twitter

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