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Flying Fleas in the Wild!

What does the humble Flying Flea do when they’re not practicing their gravity-defying leaps?

Beano Team
Last Updated:  November 2nd 2022

One giant fleap for fleakind! One moment they’re on Gnasher’s back, the next they are flying through the air. One question has troubled experts for many years, however. Where exactly do Flying Fleas live when they’re not flying through the air with the greatest of flease? This page will answer these tricky questions. You’re welcome.

Flying Fleas are the sportiest of all the fleas on Gnasher. In the wild they inhabitat gymnasiums.

Football Stadiums like Wembflea Stadium where they can take part in the scratch of the day…

The cricket ground, Headingflea where they might be a close flealder or even be bowled L.FLea.W!

In the wild, Flying Fleas take their inspiration from Olympic athfleates and gymnasts, training hard to become fleat of foot and scratch fit!

Flying Fleas can earn a lot of money as professional sportfleas and many aspire to becoming itch beyond their wildest dreams.

Famous Flying Flea’s include football flea and sports pundit, Micah Itchhards and England Football Flea International Marcus Scratchford.