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Play the Beano Football Dare Game

Bored of the endless football? Here's a dare game to help you through it!

Click HERE to download and print your dare game sheet!

Football is the best but it’s going on FOREVER! And every game is a little bit the same, right? Well, now you can play along! Make a fart noise whenever there’s a corner, whistle when you hear a whistle, shout “TOUCH DOWN” for every goal! Don’t forget to shake everyone’s hand and say “Good game” at the end of a match, and you may need to rob a couple of eggs and plasters too!!


Here’s the full list again!

Football dares list

Are you the ultimate dare champion?


1/1 How many dares did you do?

Matt and Emma in a champion pose


You'll should be a football dare manager or something!

Emma and Matt shaking hands

Semi – finalist

So close to that ultimate dare trophy!

Emma whistling so hard it makes Matt's ears explode into a million pieces

Hat trick

That would be great if it was goals – but not so great for dares! Be brave!

Matt covered in egg


What happened out there??

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