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Game Jokes

Are you game for these awesome jokes?

Get ready to play around with these funny games jokes! If these tickled your lol buds, can we DRAW you towards these hilarious Cartoon jokes? And orange you glad to see we have a load of funny orange jokes? Or why not climb aboard these silly sailor jokes?

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Did you hear about the Minecraft movie?

It’s a real blockbuster!

Did you hear about the gamer who changed consoles?

It was time for a Switch!

What happens when you return a Nintendo games console?

You get a Wii-fund!

Did you hear about the couple who split up over video games?

It was a silly thing to Fallout 4!

Why is Miles from Sonic so good at telling stories?

Because he’s always spinning Tails!

How does Sonic get in touch with Tails?

He gives him a ring!

Which gamers have the best teeth?

Fortnite players – they’re always flossing!

What does Pacman use to make a stir-fry?

A wok a wok a wok a wok a wok

Did you hear about the sad gamer?

No one could console him!

What do you call a dinosaur playing Fortnite?

A Floss-oraptor!

What’s a cow’s favourite Fortnite game?

Cattle Royale!

Why can’t skeletons play Fortnite?

They don’t have skins!

What type of video games do French people like?


I broke up with my video game player…

It’s now my ex-box!

How do you get Pikachu on a bus?

You poke him on!

What’s Sonic’s favourite season?


Which room is Mario too big to fit in?

The mushroom!

Why did Mario cross the road?

He couldn’t find the warp zone!

What’s a bum’s favourite video game?


Why are cats so good at video games?

Two brown hedgehogs squaring up to each other

Because they have nine lives!

What do you tell a pokemon buying sweets?

Pick a chew!