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This Get Blake Quiz Is Out Of This World!

How much do you know about Blake, Mitch and their furry alien foes? Take this quiz and test your knowledge of this spacey sci-fi TV show!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  April 11th 2023

This show has everything - laughs, high-tech gadgets, time travel... even furry aliens! But how well do you really know Get Blake? You'll need to be a mega-fan of this awesome show to stand a chance at getting full marks... but we think you're up to the challenge! So scroll on and let's see how you do!

Let's go!


What Earth animal do the Squaliens look like?

Get Blake! | Marathon | Nicktoons

How old is Blake?


And what sport is Blake good at?


Maxus, Jerome and Leonard are... what?

5/10 An apple turned into a spy gadget

Which Squalien usually makes the gadgets?

Get Blake! | Marathon | Nicktoons

What's Blake's neighbour called?


When Blake visits an aquarium, what animal does he swap bodies with?


What is Dr Gunderson's mascot called?


Blake's family business is a... what?

Get Blake! | Marathon | Nicktoons

Leonard is a... what?

Get Blake! | Marathon | Nicktoons

Oh no! Mitch is absolutely terrified of this score! You'd better swot up on a few episodes of Get Blake and then have another go at this quiz! And make it quick! Either that or... you could always just try a different one! We have lots more!

Get Blake! | Marathon | Nicktoons

Not bad! This score is actually fine, although from Mitch's expression you might not think it! Bah... he'll get over it! This score was ok but we bet you can do better on a different quiz! Want to try another? We have loads more!

Get Blake! | Marathon | Nicktoons

Very nice! This is an excellent score - you really know your stuff! Well done, Blake is very impressed! You didn't quite get full marks, but never mind. Do you know where you went wrong? Let's see if you can beat this score on a different quiz!

Get Blake! | Marathon | Nicktoons

Amazing! Full marks! This is the perfect score, not a single wrong answer! You really know your stuff! Now, can you match this 10/10 on a different TV quiz? We have lots more to test those trivia skills of yours!