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Can You Nail This Get Tricky Sturdy Quiz?

How much do you know about this legendary Tiktok dance? Test your dance skills with this epic get sturdy quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  March 9th 2023

If you think this dance is the best on the internet right now... then a lot of people agree with you! Get sturdy is everywhere, and whilst it starts off pretty simple you can add all sorts to it and turn it into an amazing part of any dance routine! Are you already a master of it? Have a go at this quiz and see how your skills stack up!

Let's get sturdy!


First up, what does sturdy actually mean?


Where might you see videos of people getting sturdy?

@Lord Hec | Youtube

Getting sturdy is based on what other dance?

4/10 A map of Japan

Nobody really knows, but where do most people think Get Sturdy came from?


People getting sturdy often do what with one of their hands?


Which of these songs has lots of getting sturdy in the music video?

7/10 A picture of a concert

What type of music do most people get sturdy to?


Where does the name "get sturdy" come from?

@Lord Hec | Youtube

Usually, your back stays mostly straight up during the dance. True or false?


On Tiktok, how many views has #getsturdy had?

Ooooft... this score isn't sturdy, it's limp if anything! You'd better watch a few more tiktoks and practise in the mirror, because your get sturdy skills need improvement! And if you're not fancying it, you can always have a go at a different dance quiz... we have loads!

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Ooh not bad! This score could be much worse. It could also e better though, or we should say... STURDIER. Why not have another go and see if you can score a little higher next time? No worries if not, we have plenty of other dance quizzes to try!

Yeeeah! This is an excellent score! Well done! You really know how to get sturdy! This is an almost perfect score! Are you happy with this? If so have a go at a different dance quiz! And if not you can always have another go!

Amazing! You really can get sturdy! Fantastic score... it's 10/10! You have officially completed this quiz. Do you fancy trying to get another perfect score on a different quiz? We have loads more!