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Look At This Incredible Glitter Rock Makeup!

Check out this make-up inspired by rocks and crystals

Beano Video Team
Last Updated:  January 11th 2018

We all know glitter and eyeliner goes together like pizza and garlic bread, but this style of makeup is next-level awesome!

Australian make-up artist Katy Tolj has created a new look which is inspired by geodes – rocks which are lined with crystals.

Check out these pictures from her amazing Instagram account!

This looks like crystals are bursting out of her arm!

But don't worry – they're not really

Imagine if we were really made of rocks and crystals!

This looks amazing, doesn't it?

Check out this rainbow heart!

We doubt you can do any washing up when you've got a glittery hand, though


This must have taken hours to do

Look at these blue crystals!!

How does she do it? She's a make-up genius!