Glowstick Monsters

Spookily simple cardboard creatures

You will need

- Sticky tape

- Scissors

- Glowsticks

- Cardboard tube (kitchen roll tubes work best)

- Cardboard box (we used a tissue box but other things would work too)

- Some help from an adult!

Step 1

Draw some 'evil eyes' on the cardboard tube, and carefully cut them out with a pair of scissors

Step 2

Draw some teeth on the box (and cut these out carefully as well!)

Step 3

Crack the glowsticks to light them up! Most last for a few hours.

Step 4

Fix the glowsticks in place with some sticky tape

Do the same with the cardboard box

Step 5

Now hide the tube and box somewhere dark and turn the lights off!

This works great in a cupboard or under your bed, or you could even scare your neighbours by hiding it in your front garden...



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