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Gnasher Has Teeth That Can Chomp Concrete, But Mochi Has The Longest Tongue

Gnasher Meets The Dog With The Longest Tongue

Man’s Slobberiest Friend?

Gnasher is world-famous for his concrete-chompin’ teeth, but this pooch takes the dog biscuit when it comes to tongues.

Mochi is a St. Bernard from South Dakota in the USA. Mochi’s tongue is a whopping 18.58 centimetres long, which is bigger than some whole dogs, and almost as long as Gnasher’s favourite sausage.Mochi’s owner says he’s a happy-go-lucky dog with a big personalty. Maybe that should be happy-go-licky!

The previous record holder was a Pekingese called Puggy. Sorry, Puggy – Mochi’s got you licked!

The new Guinness Book of Records: Amazing Animals is out now