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Gnasher's Flea: Flea-onardo!

Tired of the same old creepy-crawlies? Want to bring a bit more colour to your life? This flea is guaranteed to give you an art attack. Find out more about Flea-Onardo here!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  November 2nd 2022

FLEA-ONARDO – Itchus scribblus

Gnasher's Fleas – Flea-onardo

Art Flea loves to draw, paint and create. They can turn their powerful legs to anything, from delicate landscapes inspired by Clawed Monet, sculptures the equal of anything by Tick-elangelo, to surrealist works said to have inspired Pablo Tick-asso.  

As the Art Flea is now in your care, perhaps consider leaving a range of art supplies – small canvases, tiny paint brushes, minute pencils – in your new pet’s tin. When they feel inspired to create, your place will quickly fill up with microscopic masterpieces, transforming it from a family home to a family home with some very small pictures displayed on bottom of the wall. 

Your family’s new addition with require a studio in which to work, some old clothes to paint in and a fetching beret to wear when they proudly show off their work at a fancy party. You may provide nibbles for their guests if you wish. 


Birthday: 15 April 

Best friend: Slime Flea

Location: Gnasher’s back

Colour: Golden

Alternative name: Art Flea

Type: Flea