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Gnasher's Fleas: C-FLEA-PO 2000!

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Beano Team
Last Updated:  November 2nd 2022

C-FLEA-PO 2000 – Itchus antivirus 

Gnasher's Fleas – C-FLEA-PO 2000

C-FLEA-PO 2000 patrols Gnasher’s fur, ejecting non-fleas with his ultra-powerful intruder-ejection punch. They only travel in straight lines: up, down left or right (like Pac-Man) and are logical to a fault. C-FLEA-PO 2000 always follows orders literally, no matter how ridiculous they are.

This robotic bug was born – or built in a lab, perhaps – on December 26, and shares the same birthday as Charles Babbage, a maths boffin who created the first-ever computer which was, ooh, ages ago. 

Now you’ve adopted the fantastic C-FLEA-PO 2000, it may be nice for you to clear a tiny space on your wall for his tattered-but-very-loved poster of Mr. Babbage, which he’s owned since he was even smaller. They also enjoy a game of FIFA, so be prepared to be challenged on the highly popular football game. Be warned, they will always pick whoever is top of the Premier League that week and is not loyal to any particular side, because their flea circuitry cannot cope with the disappointment that many football fans experience every season.

Do not oil this robotic critter. It'll get messy.


Birthday: 26 December 

Best friend: Rubi Flea

Location: Gnasher’s back

Colour: Golden

Alternative name: Robot Flea  

Type: Flea