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How To Take Care of Captain Flea-Beard

Find out all about how to take care of this aaarrrrsome flea, Captain Flea-Beard!

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:ย  November 2nd 2022

Each flea is different and requires a unique approach when it comes to care. As such, for all you new flea owners, remember to check this list for essential information on how to care for your chosen flea. So, how do you look after the most fearsome Flea on the high seas? It's time to find out, with these care tips! You'll do aaarrrsome!

1. Water

Captain Flea-Beard needs to stay hydrated for all their adventures on the high seas, so make sure they have good access to water (Fresh water, not salt!)

2. Food

Captain Flea-Beard dines mostly on ships biscuits, grog and the occasional halibut, so keep these in ready supply. And also remember to get fresh limes - you don't want Flea-Beard getting scurvy!

3. Other diet

Occasionally Captain Flea-Beard may try and eat any chocolate coins you have around the house, so watch out! They also like popcorn for some reason.

4. Litter tray

Captain Flea-Beard isn't the most hygenic of fleas, so it's important to make sure the litter tray is kept fresh at all times! Remove any fish bones you see lying around too!

5. Socialising

Captain Flea-Beard's only love is the sea, so they tend to avoid other fleas, unless they're having an epic duel to the death! Try not to let Captain Flea-Beard get too close to any other fleas!

6. Grooming

Captain Flea-Beard isn't very bothered about staying groomed - but do try and remember to pick any remaining food out of their clothes and beard. And yours!

7. Well-being

Captain Flea-Beard is easily please; all they need is some booty, some grog and an adventure on the horizon! Failing that, you can always get them one of those little treasure chests you find in fish tanks, and make a tinfoil sword!

8. Exercise

The Captain gets plenty of exercise by jumping around and brandishing their cutlass. However, they can get over excited too, so keep an eye out! You don't want any fleas going through the roof!