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Gnasher's Fleas: Captain Flea-Beard!

Ahoy, there! If you prefer your fleas nautical (rather than nice), Captain Flea-beard is the flea for you! Find out more about the lollygagging Captain Flea-Beard here!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  November 2nd 2022

CAPTAIN FLEA-BEARD – Itchus meheartius

Gnasher's Fleas – Captain Flea Beard

The fearless Captain Flea-Beard sails Gnasher’s fur in the fearsome ship Lassie’s Revenge. Always on the lookout for adventure, mischief and excitement, your new flea will constantly seek out the ultimate lost treasure – Gnasher’s booty – while pursued by their itch-enemy, Davy Bones Flea. 

Now that Captain Flea-Beard is now part of your family, may we suggest getting a small ship to float in the bath, kitchen sink or even a deep puddle, so they may relive that blam feeling of sailing the seven seas in search of golden loot. 

If you’re collecting Beano fleas, be aware that this tiny critter will shout ‘Arrr!’ in a squeaky voice at any given moment, and perhaps will ask for a parrot for their birthday or Christmas. This will be a bad idea as the bird may step on your adopted pet.


Birthday: 22 November 

Best friend: The pirate is loyal to no-one (apart from you, obviously)

Location: Gnasher’s back

Colour: Golden

Alternative name: Pirate Flea

Type: Flea