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Gnasher's Fleas: Stink Flea!

This is one flea it's worth kicking up a stink over! That is, if you can stand the smell! Find out more about the Stink Flea here!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  November 2nd 2022

STINK FLEA – Itchus buttus

This flea might be silent, but they’re not violent! They live on the methane produced by Gnasher when he ... well, when he farts. They’re a clever little critter, and they breathe in the methane, then breathe out nitrous oxide – also known as laughing gas! That’s why Dennis always noticed a high-pitched giggling sound every time his best pal did a bottom burp.

It’s not know whether Gnasher’s farts have any nutritional value, but it’s worth bearing in mind that fleas can go for up to two weeks without eating. Now you’ve adopted the Stink Flea, it’s worth pointing out that this tiny new addition to your family would be very happy with a plate of beans and a side order of cauliflower to recreate Gnasher’s unmistakable smell.

Please be aware that if you serve too many beans or cauliflower chunks, your flea’s jumping height may increase by 500%.


Birthday: 1 June 

Best friend: The Greatest Showflea

Location: Gnasher’s back

Colour: Golden, but seen through a thick green fog

Alternative name: Farting Flea

Type: Flea