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Gnasher's Fleas: The Flying Flea

Want to put a spring in your step? The Flying Flea s the flea for you! From somersaults to cartwheels, this bug is always bouncing! Find our more about The Flying Flea here!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  November 2nd 2022

THE FLYING FLEA – Itchus gymnasium 

Gnasher's Fleas: The Flying Flea

Fleas are very, very hard to spot – you’d need a magnifying glass to see their cheeky faces – but if you’re convinced you just spotted something leaping out of Gnasher’s fur only for it to vanish almost immediately, then you probably caught a glimpse of the Flying Flea. 

Although they are a skin-dwelling flea, the Flying Flea actually spends 66% of its life in the upper reaches of Gnasher’s fur and just beyond. And it’s the only flea that can do the splits – if you had six legs, you’d understand how hard that is! 

This bug moves by somersaulting, forward-rolling and tumbling. Now you’ve adopted the most agile of this gang, prepare for the Flying Flea to cartwheel… into your heart. 



Birthday: 14 March 

Best friend: Anyone who loves to jump about, really

Location: Gnasher’s back

Colour: Golden

Alternative name: Gymnast Flea

Type: Flea