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Guess the NCT Member Quiz!

Which member of NCT are you most like?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  June 20th 2022

What’s got forty six legs, sings, dances and impeccable taste. If you know K-Pop you’ll know the answer; It’s NCT! NCT are the K-Pop band that contain more stars than the night sky and have had more massive hits than Connor McGregor fighting a stuffed toy panda. Find out which member of NCT you are most like!


Pick your preferred list of hobbies!

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2/10 Which emoji represents you best?


What would you do in NCT?

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What’s your motto?

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What’s your favourite sound, not counting NCT?


What’s your favourite city to visit with NCT?

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7/10 What’s star sign are you most like?

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Pick a set of musical instruments to learn before joining NCT!

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9/10 What’s your favourite colour?


Who’s your best friend in NCT?


Winwin isn’t impressed. NOT REALLY. He’s very pleased that you’re the most like him. Winwin was born in China, loves tiramisu and sometimes sleeps with his eyes open!


You’re most like Taeil and this makes him very happy! Taeil loves Icecream, meat and the season of Spring!


Jungwoo is over the moon that you are most like him. Jungwoo has an older sister, supports Manchester City and is a massive fan of the cartoon dog, Snoopy!


You’re most like Xiaojun and he says you are in the band! Xiaojun’s a talented songwriter, loves watching movies and hearing people giggle. His favourite film is Titantic which is ironic because it isn’t funny.