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The Ultimate Guide to Free Comic Book Day 2018

Free comics? YES PLEASE! It’s Free Comic Book Day!

Comic shops all over the country are partying Saturday 5 May 2018 away with a whole range of fun events and festivities. Most importantly though, they have FREE COMICS!! 
Some shops très annoyingly have a limit on how much swag you can nab, so the trick is to come prepared with the power of knowledge! Luckily, we’ve got a handy guide to the awesomest books to get your hands on

Top picks

  • Avengers Free Comic Day Cover
  • Pokémon Horizon free comic cover
  • Doctor who free comic cover
  • Adventure time free comic cover
  • Star Wars free comic cover
  • simpsons free comic cover
  • Riverdale free comic cover
  • overwatch comic cover
  • Spongebob squarepants comic cover
  • Power Rangers Comic Cover

Take a chance on these

Here are some less well known comics we think might be awesome if you wanted to live dangerously and try something a bit different

  • Comics friends forever cover
  • Invader Zim cover
  • 2000AD Regened comic cover
  • Sparks comic cover
  • WormWorld Saga comic cover

Hope that helps! Now get out there and get some comics!

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