Harry Potter and the Awesome Primark Jewellery!

Primark have launched their own Harry Potter jewellery and we want it all!

Harry Potter pendants!

Fancy having a Marauders Map Locket or a Hiccuping Solution bottle pendant? Wingardium something-osa! 

Harry Potter pendants
Image by Primark | Instagram

A Golden Snitch keyring!

While a keyring is not strictly jewellery, it'll make your house key look all kinds of fancy. Bludger not included.

A golden snitch
Image by Primark | Instagram

A Harry Potter pendant choker

Can't decide between a Golden Snitch, Deathly Hallows symbol or some of Harry's specs? This pendant choker has it all. Accio!

Pendant choker
Image by Primark

Harry Potter earrings and a 9 3/4 necklace!

Look at these earrings and necklaces. You'll be the talk of your wizarding academy, should you attend such a place. Plus, you'll never forget which platform you need to be on at King's Cross. 

Assorted Harry Potter jewellery items
Image by Primark

And there's more!

Check out these cool Hogwarts envelopes and Potter thunderbolt scar earrings! Plus, there's cool necklaces, particularly if Hogwarts letters are your thing.

Harry Potter jewellery
Image by thegregwholived | Instagram

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