Harryoke: Can You Guess What Ky is Singing?

Ky has some SIRIUS singing skills as he reads Harry Potter to some familiar tunes. It's Harry Potter meets karaoke! Can you guess the songs?

Whether it's singing along to Ed Sheeran in the back of the car, belting out Adele in the shower or just screaming "LET IT GO!" at the T.V. as you're watching Frozen - singing is the best! But have you ever felt that pop songs lack a good story about wizards?
Well, Ky has got the answer! Harryoke! This magical blend of karaoke and Harry Potter is new party classic. 
It doesn't even matter if you can't get all the answers - just let your hair down and have a good old dumble-dance!

Media by Warner Bros. Pictures via giphy
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