Head2Head: Billy Whizz vs Bananaman

Who will win - Billy or the Big Banana?

Last week, you chose Billy Whizz and Bananaman to go Head2Head!

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Head2head - this week Billy and the Banana
Head2Head - Whizz versus Bananaman

Which is a bigger help to Beanotown?

Head2Head - Bananaman's cowl versus Billy's Whizz trainers

Which costume component is cooler?

Head2Head - Bananaman's sidekick crow versus Billy's brother Alfie Whizz

Whose sidekick would you rather hang out with?

Head2Head - Darren Quick or Doctor Gloom?

Whose arch-enemy is more dangerous?

Head2Head Speed versus strength and Billy versus Banana

Which power would you rather have?

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