Head2Head: Dangerous Dan vs. Tricky Dicky

Who will win - Super Spy Dangerous Dan or Prankster Extraordinaire Tricky Dicky?

Last week, Ivy and Bea went head2head!

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Last week, Ivy and Bea, this week Dangerous Dan and Tricky Dicky!
Head2Head: Dan's Secret Codes or Tricky Dicky's invisible Ink?

What's a better way to keep secrets?

Head2Head: Tricky Dicky's balloon from above or Dan's Double-O 00-Stealth

Whats the best surprise attack strategy?

Head2Head: Dan's Rocket Shoes or Dicky's Drone Disguise?

What's the best thing for a quick getaway?

Head2Head: Dangerous Dan and Tricky Dicky's Costume conundrum

Would you rather dress in a silly outfit, or a fancy outfit?

Head2Head - Pick a gadget!

Whose special gadget could spin faster?

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