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Head2Head: Pieface vs. Smiffy

Who do YOU think is better? Vote for perfect Pieface or simple Smiffy?

Last week, Alexander Lemming and the Squelchies went Head2Head!

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1/5 Pieface vs. Smiffy 1

Who would win in a dance-off?


  • Pieface with his break-dancing (he actually breaks things) 0.5 %
  • Smiffy with his Super Two Step (so complicated that only HE can do it) 0.5 %
2/5 Pieface vs. Smiffy 2

Who is a better pet? Pieface's pet potato Paul, or Smiffy's pet pebble Kevin?


  • Paul the Potato 0.7 %
  • Kevin the Pebble 0.3 %
3/5 Pieface vs. Smiffy 3

Which gang of friends would you rather hang out with?


  • Pieface's pals – Dennis, Rubi, JJ, and Gnasher 0.7 %
  • Smiffy's whole class – Plug, Danny, Spotty, Erbert, Fatty, Toots, Sidney, and Wilfrid! 0.3 %
4/5 Pieface vs. Smiffy 4

Test time! Who would you rather sit next to in an exam?


  • Pieface, so I would know what answers NOT to write! 0.6 %
  • Smiffy, so I could laugh at his silly answers! 0.4 %
5/5 Pieface vs Smiffy 5

Whose silly invention would YOU rather have?


  • Pieface's inflatable dartboard 0.5 %
  • Smiffy's underwater fishbowl 0.5 %

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