Here's What Pop Stars Look Like With Huge Beards!

Ever wondered what Little Mix would look like with big hairy beards? No? Why not?

Lots of pop stars have beards these days, like Rag'N'Bone Man. We wondered, what if other pop star grew them too, like Katy Perry?

Katy Perry with a beard
Image by Chuff Media

Would Jess Glynne suit a beard?

Jess Glynne with a beard
Image by Atlantic Records

Stormzy already has a beard, but should he grow a huge, foot-long one?

Stormzy with a bigger beard
Image by SJM

Should Little Mix put as much effort into cultivating big facial hair as they do into writing their songs?

Little Mix with beards
Image by SJM

Should Charli XCX think about becoming Hairy XCX?

Charli XCX with a beard
Image by Atlantic Records

Ed Sheeran's always got a bit of a scruffy beard on his face, but should he go the whole hog? YES! YES HE ABSOLUTELY SHOULD!

Ed Sheeran with a giant beard
Image by Atlantic Records

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