Hot or So Not? - We Need Your Vote!

Are you an Ali-A fan or would you rather watch paint dry? And how do you feel about FIFA 19? Get your voice heard with Beano's hot or not!

Life may be all about getting back to school at the moment but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to look forward to. And whether it’s gaming, YouTube or terrific TV, there’s something for everyone to enjoy – even maths lessons if that’s your thing!

So we thought we’d take a look at some of the most Beano-rific things happening right now to keep our minds off the boring stuff. What do you think? Let us know what you think is hot or so not! 

Cristiano Ronaldo FIFA 19
Image by @easportsfifa | Instagram


The world’s biggest and best footie game is about to drop, with updated player stats and bigger and better goals to score – but will FIFA 19 live up to the hype?

Freddy Goes Boom
Image by @freddyboom2 | Instagram

Freddie Goes Boom

We love watching people play Roblox and Freddy is pretty funny. But is he hot or so not? You decide!

Lace chokers
Image by @imsmistyle | Instagram

Lace chokers

Loads of celebs from Kendall Jenner to Gigi Hadid have been rocking these lace chokers and if you want to shake up your wardrobe, they could be perfect.

Ali-A and Fortnite loot llama
Image by @alia | Instagram


He’s made his name by playing Fortnite and with 14 million followers on YouTube, surely everyone’s heard of him! But is Ali A-list or Z-list? 

The Great British Bake Off
Image by @britishbakeoff | Instagram

The Great British Bake Off

Paul and Pru are back with a batch of bakers ready to serve up a scrummy plate cakes for The Great British Bake Off. But does it get your Hollywood Handshake or will it leave you with a soggy bottom.

Tiana Toys and Me
Image by @toys_andme | Instagram


Admit it – we all love toys! And watching people play with them is pretty cool, too. But has Tiana toyed with your patience too many times? Let us know with the poll below!

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