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How Many People Can Step on LEGO While This LEGO Penguin is Built?

Standing on a piece of LEGO is the most painful thing you can do. How many brave people will walk on it on purpose while we construct a LEGO bird? Find out now!

Why is is so painful when we step on a tiny piece of LEGO?

When Ole Kirk Kristiansen invented the LEGO brick decades ago, he imagined a world full of children and adults spending hours building housesStar Wars spaceships and even hamburgers!What Ole didn’t realise is that his humble plastic brick would cause people to scream and wail if they stepped on a piece that was left out on the carpet.Why does standing on a LEGO brick cause us so much pain?Experts say it’s a combination of the thousands of nerve-endings in your foot, coupled with the steer strength of the plastic used to make the pieces. When you add them together, you’ve got a one-way ticket to Pain Town: population… you!In the name of science, we wanted to see how many brave souls – and soles – could walk on a path made of tiny plastic bricks in the time it takes to make a LEGO penguin.How many will take the challenge? Watch to find out!

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