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How Much Do You Know About Menace Flea Quiz

Are you an expert when it comes to Beanotown’s smallest menace? Take the quiz and find out!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  November 2nd 2022

Is your knowledge about the Menace Flea up to scratch? Do you think you could achieve a perfect score when it comes to trivia about this tiny, itch-inducing legend? Let’s find out!


Whereabouts does a Menace Flea normally live?

2/10 Menace flea listening to music

Which band does the Menace Flea enjoy listening to?


What star sign is Menace Flea?

4/10 Menace Flea

Who is Menace Flea’s best friend?


What is the Menace Flea’s scientific name?

6/10 Gnasher’s Fleas: Dennis Flea

What is Menace Flea sometimes called?

7/10 A flea on human skin

What species is Menace Flea?

8/10 A Menace Flea on a beach at sunset

What is the Menace Flea’s approach to life?

9/10 Menace flea in a bunch of balloons

What is the Menace Flea always up for?

10/10 A school bag

The Menace Flea loves going to school. True or false?

Oh no

Oh no! You’ve not being paying attention to the Menace Flea’s story!

Good try

Good try! You did alright, but we think you could do even better!

Great work

Great work! You’ve been paying attention! Well done.


Wow! You’re a Menace Flea expert!