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How Much Do You Know About Snot Flea Quiz

How much do you nose about the most disgusting, slimy flea of all! If you thought living on Gnasher’s back was pretty gross then you’ll be nose-blown away by where Snot Flea lives!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  November 2nd 2022

So how much do you know about Snot-Flea? Take our Snot-Flea test to see if you’re in the Snot Flea fandom or a Snot Flea FAIL!


Where does Snot-Flea normally live?


What is Snot Flea’s favourite craft activity?


Snot Flea is…


What star sign is Snot Flea?


Who is Snot Flea’s best friend?


What should you never confuse Snot Flea with?


7/10 What colour is Snot Flea?


What is Snot Flea sometimes called?

9/10 A scientist wearing a big glove

What species is Super Flea?


What should always be in your reach when Snot Flea is about?

There’s nothing you don’t nose about Snot Flea, so disgustingflea, you find yourself in the Snot Flea Super Fandom!

You’re a Snot Flea fan. Try again to see if you get a better score. Hankie very much!

You do not nose Snot Flea very well! That score was Fleally awful. Were you expecting it to be fleasy-peasy? Do some fleasearch!