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How Much Do You Know About Super Flea Quiz

Is it a tiny bird? Is it a tiny plane? No, it’s Super Flea! Super Flea might make saving the world look fleasy-peasy, after-all, they can fleap tall buildings with a single bound, but it’s not all fleasy going. Luckily, Super Flea has great power but remember… With great power comes great fleasonsiblilty!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  November 2nd 2022

How much do you know about Super-Flea? Take our Super-Flea test to see if you’re in the Super Flea fandom or a Super Flea FAIL!


Where does Super-Flea normally live?


What is Super Flea’s catchphrase?


Super Flea is faster than a speeding…


What star sign is Super Flea?

5/10 Gnasher's Fleas – Astro-nat

Who is Super Flea’s best friend?


Who or what is Super Flea’s nemesis?


7/10 What colour is Super Flea?

8/10 A person clearly keen on doing homework

What is Super Flea sometimes called?


What species is Super Flea?


What is Super Flea’s real name?

You’re in the Super Flea, Super Fandom!

You’re a Super-Flea fan. Try again to be a Super Flea, Super Fan!

That score was Fleally awful. Were you expecting it to be fleasier?