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How To Keep Yourself Active When You’re Stuck At Home!

Got loads of excess energy? Burn it off with these five indoor activities!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Work out with Joe Wicks!

The Body Coach Joe Wicks has many workout videos available on his YouTube channel. He's also started doing live, daily routines at 9am to start the day with a burst of exercise. Remember to have a bottle of water nearby, because you'll be really thirsty afterwards. 

P.E with Joe Wicks
The Body Coach TV | Facebook

Climb the stairs!

There's nothing like a flight of stairs to make you feel alive – or out of breath, if you want to be specific. You won't need a backpack, unless you've been asked to carry loads of stuff upstairs. But, if you live in a bungalow, we can't help you here. Sorry.

A woman about to go upstairs

Lift a big book!

Weights are a bit dangerous and, well, heavy. Why not find a massive encyclopaedia and do some bicep curls? You'll have the muscles of a WWE wrestler in a matter of... years.

Practice some calming yoga

Yoga is a gentle form of exercise that is good for the body and mind. Not only will you have a good stretch, but it will make you feel totally relaxed. Cat and dog owners should be aware that this will completely confuse them and they'll mistake you for some sort of climbing frame. 

A woman and her pug doing yoga

Walk around your home

Nothing beats a lovely stroll, does it? If you're stuck in the house, why pop a clean pair of shoes on and slowly walk around the living room. There, that's better. And once you've done attempted all these things, we think you deserve a game of FIFA or Fortnite. 

Someone with muddy shoes walking on a nice clean carpet