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How to Make Dennis of the Dead

Learn how to make these zombie Dennis heads, but be careful – they bite!

Beano Team
Last Updated:Β  March 4th 2021

You will need

- Marshmallows- Cake pop sticks- Green candy melts and candy eyeballs (you can find them in a cake shop)- Chocolate sprinkles- Black icing that you can write with

Step 1

Ask an adult to help you heat the green candy melts until they’re gooey. Insert a cake pop stick into the marshmallow and dip it into the green candy.

Step 2

Before the green candy can set, dip the top in the chocolate sprinkles to give the zombie some hair!

Step 3

Stick on the googly candy eyes, and once the candy is completely set, draw on his mouth, nose and eyebrows with your black icing

Step 4

Now your zombie is ready to eat. Make sure you eat his brains before he eats yours!