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How To Take Care of Astro-Gnat

Here's our top tips for caring for Astro-Gnat the space flea! You'll feel out of this world!

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:ย  November 2nd 2022

Each flea is different and requires a unique approach when it comes to care. As such, for all you new flea owners, remember to check this list for essential information on how to care for your chosen flea. Here's our guide to taking care of Astro-Gnat! You'll feel out of this world!

1. Water

There's no water on the moon, but we're not on the moon, so make sure Astro-Gnat is properly hydrated!

2. Food

Astro-Gnat likes all their food freeze dried and powdered, just like a real astronaut would, so make sure only to give them dehydrated packets and you'll be grand!

3. Other diet

Astro-Gnat may occasionally eat other foods such as ice cream, popcorn and red cabbage, so make sure you stock up!

4. Litter tray

Astro-Gnat is pretty well trained in this department, just make sure to empty and clean the litter tray every two or so days! Of course, normally the Astro-Gnat would simply dispel their waste into space, but that's not really an option!

5. Socialising

Astro-Gnat has their mind on bigger things that socialising, but does like to hang out with any other fleas interested in jumping and flying, such as Super Flea. And they're always keen to meet new life forms!

6. Grooming

Astro-Gnat likes to keep well groomed inside their space suit.

7. Well-being

Astro-Gnat thrives on space based facts, so make sure they have ready access to all the books about space they could possibly need

8. Exercise

This should take care of itself- Astro-Gnat likes nothing more than trying to jump as high as possible, getting plenty of exercise! Just make sure they don't jump too high and get stuck in the lampshade!