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How To Take Care Of C-FLEA-PO

Not sure how to give C-FLEA-PO the love and technical maintenance he requires? Well find out with this handy robo-guide!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  November 2nd 2022

Each flea is different and requires a unique approach when it comes to care. As such, for all you new flea owners, remember to check this list for essential information on how to care for your chosen flea!


First of all don't give this sucker water! C-FLEA-PO is a robot and therefore doesn't need fluids - it'll (further) confuse his circuitry! This mechanised muncher was man-made in a lab - initially C-FLEA-PO was a surveillance device to impersonate and study fleas for the proposed David Attenborough documentary 'Walking With Fleas' - but the TV team lost communication with this robo-flea and C-FLEA-PO, developing a fondness for his fellow fleas - soon 'went rogue' and decided to stay!


C-FLEA-PO does take in sustenance, but he likes a diet of nuts, bolts, iron filings - and his all-time favourite meal is sitting down to a nice plate of ball bearings and chips. Bleep-bloop-yumbles!

Other diet

For an extra snack, C-FLEA-PO loves a nothing more than a bag of flat-head screws - not only are they tasty but they keep him regular as clockwork! They also provide him with the strength he needs to patrols Gnasher’s fur, ejecting non-fleas with his ultra-powerful intruder-ejection punch.

Litter tray

C-FLEA-PO's droppings are a crapshoot - sometimes you'll get a lump of magnesium, sometimes a crocodile clip, sometimes - if his internal wiring short-circuits in just the right way - he'll accidentally achieve alchemy and deposit a lump of pure gold! However this is extremely rare. And gross.


C-FLEA-PO loves hanging out with other fleas and is a BIGTIME gamer. His favourite is FIFA, and when he's not gaming he will often make tea for the other fleas when they're having their Minecraft sessions. For a meticulous robot however, his tea is surprisingly bad. When the other fleas ask him why he puts the milk in first, he simply replies 'Command does not compute. Bleep-bleep-whirrr... two sugars.'


C-FLEA-PO doesn't need to groom himself, although he created a tiny batch of microscopic nano-fleas which live on his body and make tiny repairs and adjustments when and as he needs it. He's currently working on Nano-nano-fleas which are sub-atomic sized fleas - to live on and provide repairs for the nano-fleas. When he's finished that he will be working on some Nano-nano-nano-fleas.


C-FLEA-PO needs plenty of love and encouragement... even though he's a robot, he can still readily activate his 'feelings' protocol!


C-FLEA-PO gets plenty of exercise from his frequent fur patrols, although he's very fond of powering down for a little robo-nap. He occasionally needs a hard reboot but he never stays inactive for too long... he's footloose and fancy-flea!